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Stemore discovers new growth factors to prevent hair loss… Selected as the cover paper for an international journal

2020-09-09 16:46
Stemore Co. (CEO Sung Jong Hyuk) research lab’s paper on hair loss has been selected as a cover paper in the September issue of ‘Cell Proliferation’, drawing the attention of the academic world.
(Title: Epiregulin promotes hair growth via EGFR-medicated epidermal and ErbB4-mediated dermal stimulation)

Director of Research Na Hyun Choi, the author of the paper and a graduate of Columbia Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine, is an expert on the differentiation of dermal papilla cells. Previously, the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) was known to cause hair loss, however in this study Epiregulin, a structure similar to EGF and expressed during the growth period of the outer root sheath cell, has proven to have excellent hair growth effect. Na Hyun Choi, Director of Research, said, “Epiregulin is expected to be developed as a hair loss cure as well as a cosmetic material.”

Especially, this study has proved for the first time that the hair growth mechanism of Epiregulin differs in each cell that forms the hair follicle. Among the hair follicle tissues, it has proven to activate the ErbB4 protein in the dermal papilla cells, and activate the EGFR protein in the outer root sheath cell.

Hair loss was thought only as a problem for old aged groups in the past, but now, due to the increase in female and young aged patients, hair loss management is a must, instead of an option.
Based on the long research experience on hair loss, Stemore Co. has various mechanisms of hair loss treatment pipelines and is conducting researches, aiming to become a world-class hair loss research institute.

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